Monday, November 9, 2009

Robotech: Battlecry... hey, it was working a minute ago!!!

*sigh* I hate it when this happens...

Even though I'm still taking a break from the scene, I just thought I'd share this with you all anyway. Today I was getting curious about Robotech Battlecry again (XDK 4721). In general, I just wanted to see if anything I added in for Panzer fixed this one. It appeared that way, but then again maybe not. I booted up Robotech Battlecry with Cxbx, and it appeared to go in-game without problems (by problems I mean crashes). The distortion of 3D was worse than that of Panzer TBH, but at least it worked! I did take some screens though (how could I not?) so check 'em out below.

In-game, as I stated earlier, the 3D scene was heavily distorted! I should have taken a screenshot of it, but instead, I closed Cxbx in an attempt to run it with a Release build because I had the debug trace enabled and the debug console was also on and I wanted to see how fast it would run without the console slowing it down. After that, it never worked again! Debug or Release build, it just crashed. It appears that the DirectSound call that was causing the crash didn't get called that time. I'll look into the problem later as I am just way too tired right now.

When will I be back, you ask? I dunno when, but right now, the IRL issues are enough to keep me busy and sleepy throughout the day. It shouldn't be too long since I tend to have lots of free time these days. But today is not one of these days, so stick around. I have lots more tricks up my sleeve!

Just thought I'd keep you all posted on my progress today (even if it was just a one time fluke). So if you'll excuse me, I'll be taking a nap now!



  1. I can only imagine a developer's frustration when things like this happens, hehe. At least you know what could be the problem, so I'm sure you will get it to work again soon.

    I'm still impressed with your dedication, Shogun. It's nice to see so much progress you've done in so little time. At least we can say Xbox emulation seems really promising!

  2. You just can't stay away, can you? :p

  3. I Will wait when i die :'(.

  4. @BigIg, you're right! It's just too addictive! I have lots more plans and much more things to implement in the future. It's just way too exciting.

  5. Yes! I Understand but make Xbox Emulator for PC i think Sega is stupid we want JSRF on PC why Sega put a Doble Pack with JSR from DC and JSRF from Xbox on PC?
    We can play Tekken 1,2 and 3 on Tekken 5 :'(.
    How embarrasing don´t you think?.