Friday, November 13, 2009

New SVN update (r-153)

If you've tried to download and compile my last SVN update (r-145), you might have had some problems. Well, I fixed those issues today (and tested them for myself), and hopefully, that should solve everyone's problems! What did I change/fix?
  1. Updated the OpenXDK includes in the import folder. I forgot to fix that.
  2. Updated the resource files Cxbx.res and CxbxDll.res. I didn't realize those changed at first.
  3. Updated the libjpeg.lib file.
  4. Added the DirectX8 SDK include and library files so if you don't have it, you can save yourself some time. It's an extra 12.5MB, but worth it.
This should make things easier for everyone now. If you don't have the DirectX8 SDK (or an SDK that has the required include/lib files), you'll still have to set the include/lib directories yourself in Visual Studio. One more thing, if you have conflicts with LIBC.lib, you can just add LIBC.lib in the "Ignore Specific Library" list (just remember to add a semicolon (;) after each lib. It's a single threaded library and Cxbx uses the Multi-Threaded options in VS 2008 making it obsolete. So go ahead and start compiling!