Monday, June 21, 2010

Cxbx svn r163

Yup, just in case you haven't seen it already, it's there! I just wanted to make a breif update about yet another breif update I made to the SVN. Many of you noticed that Panzer stopped working with r162. Well, I fixed that last week and now you can all fool around with Panzer again if you feel like it.

"Speaking of Panzer, how's that going?" Better than before actually. There's another contributor who managed to fix some issues with it a while ago. So far, there's still more to fix, but it's leading up to some very interesting bug fixes. With the right hack, speed will be closer to that of playable, and when we fix the problem with EmuIDirect3DDevice8_SetRenderTarget, it should work properly. The problem is that Cxbx likes to resize textures and render targets to it's liking and if the sizes are not compatible with the screen resolution, SetRenderTarget fails. Sounds easy to fix, but we'll look into it. If it works, then no more fullscreen quad overlapping the 3D scene because everything will be rendered on top of that! If _SF_ (Xeon) can do this, so can we!

Just thought I'd do a quick update. I'm still rather busy and trying to move into a new place closer to my job. Once that happens, I'll have more time for Cxbx. Until then....