Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chihiro XOR keys discovered!

Good news for all the Sega Chihiro enthusiasts! After a talk with Martin_sw (the one who added support for BattleStar Galactica for Cxbx), I got to find out that he discovered how to decode the entry point and kernel thunk addresses for Sega Chihiro .xbe files! If you've ever tried to load a Chihiro .xbe into Cxbx, you'll notice that the entry point is some absurd hex number! That's because the engineers for the Chihiro software decided to do things differently. So when loading a Chihiro .xbe file, use the following keys to decode the entry point and kernel thunk address instead.


I haven't actually tried it myself, but Martin_sw really knows his stuff! Hope to make more discoveries that lead up to emulating this awesome arcade machine architecture!



  1. I`m one of those enthusiasts! Good job shogun and martin, I can`t believe he is back at the emulation scene.