Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cxbx SVN update (145).

That's right, the shogun3d branch just got updated today. TSVN decided to stop being a jerk today, so now it's updated (rev-145). You can get it from

So, what does this update contain? Everything I've done since last October actually. Sorry I waited this long. Just has to do it soon before something unfortunate happens. Yes, it plays Smashing Drive, Panzer, and Robotech: Battlecry (if you're lucky). Remember, this is still in the beta stages, so please don't ask me why your game doesn't work (even if it is on the compatible list) or how to compile it here because this blog is for the disscussion of the shogun3d-Cxbx branch's updates... not tech support nor a compatibility FAQ. If you need help, go to the forums @ (and don't PM me for support either!), okay?

Also, don't forget to chech the doc folder. There you can view my changelog (ShogunChangeLog.txt) and see what I've done and when I've done it. I've also started the XACT support too. It isn't fully tested nor is it complete enough to run any game using it, but Unreal Championship needs it. There's more, but I am typing from an iPhone so it takes too long for me to type it all! I'll have more updates soon!

EDIT: You'll need Microsoft Visual Studio .net 2008, the latest Platform SDK and a DirectX SDK containing the DirectX 8.1 headers and libraries to compile these sources (search google). If you don't have MSVC .net 2008, you can use an express version of 2008 downloaded from If you are using .net 2010 Beta, you'll just have to try it for yourself because 2010 Beta isn't working on my laptop.


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  1. For those wondering the DirectX 8.1 SDK is still available here:
    MD5: 28533018267fa278bb1c603a67d86d2f
    avast! reports the file as clean.
    Don't know how much longer it's gonna stay there though.