Sunday, November 29, 2009

Martin_sw continues his work for Chihiro support.

It's been a while since I've talked to Martin_sw, but today we were having a conversation and so far, it looks like he hasn't given up. Here's what he had to say:

"ok, seems sega just highjacked it for chihiro then so far i have added these to cxbx:


This is interesting because even though it's obvious that Chihiro would have customized functions, but it's amazing how fast Martin discovered these. It looks like we might be seeing Chihiro sooner than we thought!

Another thing, remember that game I was going to surprise you all with? You all guessed right, it was JSRF. I hate to say it, but it might not be playable before Christmas at this rate (darn)! I ran into some extremely annoying problem and I have no idea how to fix it (for both PAL and NTSC versions). *Sigh*, oh well, I'm sure I'll figure something out, but as long as you know I'm working on it so you don't have to beg me for JSRF support anymore. Either way, I can still make up for this with something else in the meantime *muwahahahahahaha!*



  1. Shogun nice news but we will wait for that perfomance on JSRF and i think you will some day you will saying.... I got it! :).
    Keep the good work pal ;).

  2. Wow Martin you rock, I can wait to see some Chihiro games running on Cxbx, I really love Arcade machine.

    As for the surprise, is sad that it hasn`t been DOA 3, but, oh well, is Cxbx progress so is welcome...

  3. But DOA1 is sweet.

  4. @hikari02, I'm working on DOA3 too. This one in particular has been rather difficult to work with in general. I did add many functions required for it to work, but right now there's a function that I haven't been able to track yet. I'll find it eventually, but right now, DOA1 is what I would like to see.

  5. Thanks for your answer blueshogun96 and keep up the good work.

    Cheers :)

  6. Just out of curiosity, is it true that the older a game is, the easier it will be to emulate it? Or are all games equally difficult to emulate? And what about famous games like Halo, MechAssault, or Call of Duty? Are they extremely hard to emulate as well?

  7. It usually depends on what XDK the game uses (and if we have it), so technically, yes. The difficulties of emulating any game depend on the features it uses and how they are used. Halo required a handful of hacks to get to the menus and MechAssault needs further testing and I don't have access to my dump for that game. I don't have Call of Duty.

  8. Just wanted to say I am thrilled there is still someone working on Cxbx. The xbox made my Jr High experience much more tolerable. It would be great to know I'll be able to play these games for years to come.

    Thank you!

  9. We don´t need Halo that game you can get for PC is equal ;).

  10. I still want to see Halo emulated because emulating it would solve a lot of problems for Cxbx. Besides, emulation is not about what games you can play, completion is our biggest goal so if emulating Halo helps us get there, we'll do it. Either way, wouldn't it be nice to play Halo's co-op on your PC?

  11. Yeah you're right. Splitscreen co-op is an advantage the xbox versions have. Not to mention splitscreen multiplayer. That way you don't have to find 4 PC's and LAN them together. I wish I could I help, but my programming knowledge is mediocre at the moment. Keep up the good work!

  12. I forgot halo can solve errors from other games ;).

  13. "JSRF might not be playable until Christmas, at this rate"

    -cries in corner-