Sunday, November 22, 2009

Latest Progress: Petit Copter (and continuing Kingofc's work).

So far, my theory was right! The game known as Petit Copter (XDK 4361) so far seems to be pretty easy to emulate. It's already showing 3D graphics (not in-game yet) and runs at reasonable speeds. Nothing too complex so far, there's just one annoying thing I'm having a bit of trouble fixing, but I'll get it eventually.

Hey, want to know what makes it even easier to work on?? The code was almost completely based off of the Technical Certification Game in the XDK! Almost everything is the same. So that means fixing the TechCertGame will make this game playable! While I respect the work of any game developer/programmer, this game was very cheap, lol. The only thing that's stopping me right now is the dreaded IDirectSoundStream_FlushEx function. It's a bit tricky, and also different from the XDK specifications when viewing the disassembled version in IDA. So far, this function appears to be stopping the TechCertGame from working. So far, I'll assume it's the same with Petit Copter. Either way, if Kingofc could get this TechCertGame working, so can I! It would be nice if he was still around as have learned a great deal from him and would love to continue to do so. This was his old dev page (ahh, the good old days of Cxbx)!

So stay tuned. It shouldn't be too much work getting this game playable. TBH, I thought Smashing Drive was super easy to work with. So far, this one is easier than that, and it only took less than a day's worth of work to get this far! Boy, that was easy...

Btw, check out the youtube video Here!



  1. Congrats on your progress!

    When can we expect to see your changes appear on the Cxbx SVN? Curious to see what it all boils down to...

  2. I'll try to do it ASAP. I need to get my source folder in sync with TSVN to make things easier, and more frequent updates will occur.

  3. Nice Work you see if you make this very slow you like fix more for that emulator for now is the first pass to emulate a game.
    Keep the good work blueshogun ;).