Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kabuki Warriors

Okay, before I go any further, I'd like to apologize to everyone who feels that I have been unnecessarily angry as of late. I've just been under a lot of stress lately IRL and it's been driving me crazy! Getting a job in the US these days is really hard (be it IT or even McDonalds), especially when you're still in the entry level stages. I've been without a full time job since September of last year and getting a job at this point (anything) is very important. So if I offended anyone, I'm sorry :(

As you can see, the game Kabuki Warriors (XDK 3911) is reaching menus so far(ingame is not confirmed yet, and I'll explain that shortly). I had a very positive feeling that this game would have some level of compatibility with Cxbx for some reason (lately, my emulation instincts have proven quite accurate). It looks like all my work on XDK 3911 is paying off, big time! Still have lots of work to do on this particular XDK by fixing the ordering of Deferred Render/Texture States, but that will be an easy fix once I get around to it. TBH, so far, I didn't add anything in particular to get this game showing stuff. All the stuff I added for Azurik and Halo must have been enough to get it this far.

"So, what's the problem?" Truth is, I don't really know what's causing problems. Upon trying to go ingame, conflicts with my display adapter on a driver level occur. I'm assuming that a certain Direct3D function is causing this. What sucks is that DirectX 8.1 is greatly depreciated and it's not easy to debug. I'm convinced that if we were using at least Direct3D9 or OpenGL, this would not really be an issue. The best thing I can think of is to find out if any functions are returning a specific error code (D3DERR_DRIVERINTERNALERROR). It would be nice if I had my other machines to test this on, but sadly my laptop is the only available computer capable of running Cxbx in this household. However, I do hear some background music and voices upon trying to get ingame. Right now, I can't actively work on finding this problem, and tomorrow I have another interview. Hopefully I get this job because it will really help me and my sister through these tough times (and maybe a lucky/unsuspecting British lady; and no, she's not my girlfriend ^^).

"Okay Shogun. What's the deal with emulating all these crappy games?? I want to play DOA3, JSRF, Ninja Gaiden and Otogi!" Okay, calm down! Don't you think I work on those games too? Let's look at it this way. It's rather common to have an easier time emulating a crappy game then a top notch game. Not saying Turok, Futurama, Smashing Drive and Robotech: Battlecry are bad games (well, some of you might not like them), it all depends on how the game was programmed. Crappier games tend to use more generic and uniform coding methods than the more popular ones. Not saying the programmers of these games didn't do a good job of programming these games though, but sometimes programmers will try to take shortcuts by using code already contained in the XDK samples. Emulating XDK samples with Cxbx has been the most effective method of improving it, so a game like Petit Copter (which is almost totally based off of the TechCertDemo in the XDK) will naturally be easier to emulate. That's just the way it is. But look on the bright side, getting crappy games like Kabuki Warriors working will increase your chances of playing a better game such as DOA3 (which is still bugging the hell out of me with it's multi-threading issues).

Side note: I own this game, but never actually got around to playing it for myself. I heard that this game got some really bad reviews and some claimed it to be one of the worst Xbox games out there, but I won't make that kind of judgement until I play it. I won't discourage anyone for trying this game themselves, but get a load of this quote below:

"I literally won a match just bashing the controller against my ass. I wish I was joking, but the score is seriously Kabuki Warriors zero, my ass one." - Andy McNamara (Game Informer)

I'd really like to say more, but I need to get ready for tomorrow. So thanks for checking out my blog and wishing me well on this project.



  1. Thanks for the update and good luck in real life!

  2. I can´t belive it a nother game uau!
    Keep the good work pal!
    Have a nice summer in the future! xD

  3. so it could just be a driver issue on your end? I'll try the game and see what happens

  4. The problem is more mutual than I thought. Someone else I know got the same problem (both of us have NVIDIA). Hopefully an ATI user can try it. Can't do it now because I'm busy again. =(

  5. it isn't working for me on my ati radeon hd 4200

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  7. blueshogun96 i have 3 games on MAME is just like this games but very old.
    1- Shogun Warriors, original is Fujiyama Buster.
    2- Blood Warrior
    3- Kabuki-Z

  8. It is possible emulate kung fu chaos?
    I have that demo and i love so much.

  9. Maybe, but I don't have that game.

  10. that site is definitely not legal

  11. But you can get the game Anonymous.

  12. Dude, do not support piracy. Especially not on an emulator developer's blog, as this topic is sensitive enough.
    Also, some of your comments were not related at all to the blog, such as the MAME one. Please apply some self censoring.
    And I DO mean to be harsh.

  13. Good job ur moving fast ic :)
    Greatz RDilus

  14. Sorry Animal, I had to remove that post. Made in China already stated why, but let me elaborate a bit more. You see, this blog is frequently viewed by potential employers (including Microsoft). Even though they appear to actually favour my work on Cxbx, the last thing I want them to see is links to websites containing Xbox games for download.

    So with that in mind, I have to keep this project within legal boundaries at all times! The last thing I need is any trouble for Microsoft.

  15. blueshogun96 can bee possible play that with illegal games on cxbx? Or we need the original game to play?
    We need some program to detect that DVD or extract on your PC for example Windows vista ;D.

  16. Animal that shit, you ta wanting that to Microsoft picks on the emulator with their questions? Sorry blueshogun96, more Every hour piracy question for the Animal.

    Taking advantage cxbx would have better earnings if it was done in Assemby instead of c++?

    Sorry again Sorry blueshogun96

  17. @Animal, just wondering, have you ever used Cxbx before?

    @Joao, Cxbx relys on both asm and C++. Assembly wouldn't benefit at all since it would be too hard to debug. Besides, when dealing with the generated .exe files, it's all assembly that we are dealing with. The .dll file is where most of the C++ code goes and some asm when necessary. Don't forget that this is NOT a traditional emulator.

  18. Speaking of off-topic comments, shogun, I recommend looking at the newest comment under the post "Cxbx compat list is over 30 now!"

    Also, you may want to help the 12th commenter as well.

  19. Yes i use CXBX, but the folder .xbe not run and appears errors on Windows Vista, and i try JSRF Europe and Japanese Version not original.

  20. hahahaha shgun this game and the pics seems like japanese kamazutra book pics ha ahah lol

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