Friday, April 16, 2010

SVN Revision 159

Yup, it's here. The SVN is finally updated. Thanks to cmccmc for teaching me how to use TSVN [properly], I can now just right click the folder and update any files necessary. All is new, and sorry it took so long. It was a pain in the butt trying to find out myself. I guess my IQ is getting lower... *sigh* I have myself to blame, but oh well.

Yes, it plays Robotech: Battlecry and should play everything else on the list. Please note that some games are NOT guaranteed to work for everyone (this is especially true for Panzer if you're brave enough to try it). If you want, feel free to post your concerns here or on the forums.

Now that I know how to use TSVN better, I'll keep it updated more often. Promise. Happy?



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  2. and it only took me an hour and a half to teach him how to use it :P

  3. I will play this emulator when is finish :P.

  4. Blueshogun96 that is really very interesting. Do you have forecast of when leave this SVN? And some exists i glide of of leaving open source CXBX?

    Thanks and that the gods of the programming help you stiller.

    Sorry my english.