Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cxbx compat list is over 30 now!

Wow, the progress just keeps on coming! If you look at the compatibility list, you'll see that the games list is now over 30! That's been my target for quite some time now.

Thanks to some "unofficial" beta testing done by BlackDaemon, two more games are proven to show some stuff. None of which are playable or in-game, but since I never had a chance to try these for myself, now I know that there's a chance for fixing these games for the future. I do have Blade II (XDK 4627) but I don't have Burnout (XDK 4361). Since I have those XDKs, fixing the two doesn't sound hard initially, but like I always say... No guarantees! Don't have much to say right now (busy), just keeping you all updated :)



  1. blues this game tested in svn 160 doesn works..
    star war republic comando, sudeki, future tactics, otogi2, mashed,samuraishawdow,king arthur, dead or alive volleybal..can you to apply a faked video hack?or some hack for increase the compability?the jpcsp emu is a good guide or dolphin

  2. Blueshogun96 its video the Blade 2 is game or movie? Because appears DVD Movie in cg? The Blade 2 this without sound or not? And you could happen Cxbx svn 160?

    Sorry my english.

    Thanks for job and thanks for reply.

  3. 4shared instead of YouTube?


    I guess it works, just seem odd since you've used YouTube for all your other videos.

  4. blueshogun friend do you can to apply a faked video hack??jpcsp can skip all the frames of videos than can´t encoder, is very fine, why the compatibility is a low level¿there are some modules or a key code for some patterns games or something??in my games svn 60 says emud3deferredtexture was not found?what can i do some code tipS?you need a cxbx devs cooperative hehe

  5. Burnout? Uau nice ;).

  6. I didn't make that video. And [Nintendo maniac] if you were listening to what I said, you'd notice that someone else I know (and trust) got these results. The Blade II video was from the game's intro, not a cheap rip of movie scenes (I trust the person who took it)

    @Saintseiya, after all this time you still do not understand. With Cxbx, things do not work that way! If it were that easy, then do you think that I would have done it already? Jpcsp and Dolphin are NOT in ANY way similar to Cxbx! Please, give me a break. This is not easy. And still, do not be surprised that your games do not work. I know you mean well, but Xbox is in a totally different level of difficulty of emulation nor is it emulated the same way as PSP and GameCube/Wii. It just doesn't work that way... \/_\/

  7. Blue,

    thanks for the great effort and results! You are doing an amazing job.
    Don't listen to people that want more... they always want more.

  8. blueshogun sorry, i don´t wont´be hard with you and your amazing work, is only that that is much hard i can´t believe it, is sad because is not so easy,i wish that you will found the way for to skip the obstacles that xbox system has...but is not posible a good logger or something applied to cxbx for be easy the problems that you know?i know that xbox is too hard but you can use some methods simils to jpcsp, like the logger,please excuse me...i wish that someone will help you,i keep silent because is the true,unfortunality is not the same way of normal emulation :(

  9. blueshogun, but your post only says BlackDaemon did some "unofficial" beta testing and that, while you said you never had a chance to try these yourself, you didn't say the video wasn't made by yourself either.

    AKA I'm terrible at reading between the lines. No really, ask my high school English teachers.

  10. Can I ask where to find the download link please?
    Or am I just being totally thick here...

    Also, good effort on the emu so far, I remember checking xbox emu status a few months ago and nothing was going on but thanks to you it really seems to be taking off.

    Also, any chance you could post the compat. list, I'm interested to see what it can play so far.


  11. ur awesome...great playing Futurama and Turok on my AMD Sempron 2400+ 1.67GHz and ATI Radeon 9600 PRO grap.'s working great..FPS is good,more than 40.Will it be possible to play Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance or any of MK for Xbox on Cxbx emu.I hope it will..Continue with good work nad see ya..