Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Panzer Dragoon MP4s

I'm [somewhat shamelessly] borrowing these from Driveclub on discord.  He recorded some interesting MP4s of Panzer Dragoon ORTA running in Cxbx-Reloaded that I'd like to share.

Keep in mind that it's not an accurate representation of the emulator's state (for the better looking ones).  Lucas tells me that there's hacks required.  Dunno what they are, I've been out of the loop for a while.

Some really neat stuff gets discussed in the discord chat.  If you haven't already, join it and see what the others are up to!



  1. The hack required to get nice looking graphics for this title is simple: Modify the games files to disable shaders.

    DriveClub tells me that "open up the 'shader_all.shp' in the hex editor and replaced the index number of the shader list by 00"

    I don't recommend using such hacks, but hey, if a user wishes to do so, it's on them :P

    1. I figured it would be easier to use a button like F7 to disable shaders (I think that doing this with pixel shaders as a feature may be a good idea). But I could be oversimplifying things.


  2. hello,i download the latest xqemu source code from github,then i compile it,when it is complete,i run the qemu-system-xbox.exe,but it can not start,it shows a 0xc000007b error,is there any problem about the vc++ redistributable or something else