Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Please do not mistake me for the author or a dev of XQEMU

Okay, it seems that there's a bit of confusion about this here, and JayFoxRox pointed it out with a seemingly angry post on reddit today when I said I'm "semi-retired".  What I meant by that is that I occasionally stop what I'm doing to come back to the xbox emu scene to tinker with xqemu a bit, and interact with those who ask me questions.  There's no bad blood between us, I told him personally that I'm sorry and it wasn't my intention.  So because of that (and more), I feel it necessary to write this to avoid any further confusion.

My blog is by no means the official xqemu blog/site.  Nor have I claimed it to be. 

I do seem to get alot of people giving me credit for xqemu, but frankly, I haven't really done anything significant to thanked for.  To be perfectly honest, the most I've really done is add a missing texture or surface format and a quick and dirty fix here and there to get a few games up and running.  I gave him a little advice based on my experience in the beginning, but nothing he wasn't smart enough to figure out in the first place.

Although I've said it a few times before (but still, probably haven't said it enough), not only are espes and JayFoxRox the ones that deserve the majority of the respect, but they are also stronger/smarter devs than I am and have surpassed me a long time ago in skill.  I've had plenty of [undeserved] spotlight for a while now.  I think it's time they got a bit more where it's due.

Now, I'm not saying "don't ask me questions" or anything like that.  I can honestly say that espes and JayFoxRox are much more qualified to comment on it, since I haven't done anything as in depth as they have.  In fact, I get lots of questions about Xenia from time to time, and I have to tell everyone straight up that I haven't done a darn thing in that project since 360 is not and never was any area of expertise to me.  Heck, I never had a CPU that could run it up until yesterday! O_o

Once again, just writing this so everyone knows I have no intention or desire to steal any credit from this.  On top of that, I refused to take the full credit for Cxbx because caustik is still the author, and if it weren't for him, we wouldn't have ANY Xbox emulators at all!  All minds clear?  Good.  Thanks for reading.



  1. To add to that: espes deserves WAY more credit than I do.
    I'm doing most of the easy tasks whileon top espes does some crazy stuff which is way over my head.
    (He also makes me feel like an idiot about my math most of the time)

    Notable mentions: the entire qemu dev community, mborgerson and lufix for getting started, Wayo, who did the original GL code and pcmaker who does a crazy amount of (good) testing these days. [Sorry if I forgot any other contributors]

  2. I do already know about JayFoxRox & espes by their commits on the github page. I'm getting excited by the regular updates by John Goodman of the Xbox games running on XQEMU with complete graphics on Youtube!

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    1. Edit*

      I find it silly you felt the need to create a post like this.
      As long as people are credited in the code license it should be fine.

      You get people's attention because you actually have a blog and post updates AND show progress that non devs can relate to such as images or videos of the emulator working.

      So what if people like JayFoxRox or Espes want attention they should make their own blogs and show what they're up to.

      If they are no longer developing the tools, yeah they'll end up in the credits list, so what, it is what it is, you're no longer involved you won't get the attention for any further developments.

      The users in general don't give a shit how things are created or who does it (sorry for the term but its the best way to put it) this goes for any kind of product or creation in general, do you ever think about how the bread you eat was made or the people it took to make it? probably not on a daily basis, same thing goes for this.
      But you'll care about the guy who makes a blog about baking bread because he shows you the process and himself.

      If JayFoxRox or others want the users or fellow devs to recognize their work, its their job as a developer to put themselves out there and make others aware and get them interested in their work and how its done if you want them to recognize their work and you as a person.

      Make a blog breaking down the work you did, how it works etc make updates.

      If you are no longer involved in the scene, then sorry but most people looking forward to using an emulator don't even think and likely not care who made the base code.
      This happens in any creative fields.

      I made tools to extract assets from an xbox game, people use the tool and share content of the game never giving me credit for it, I just ended up accepting that and being happy that people actually get to use the tool and see the content of the game thanks to it, no need for credit.

      People should be happy someone like Blueshogun is actually still working on an xbox emulator.

      If you are still active in the developement and are unhappy about not getting people's attention, make a blog, expose yourself and your work.
      If you are not active, you shouldn't expect anything but your name to be included in the source code license.

  4. For me it's okay, i still happy to see people working so badly on this to get their dreams. I believe soon or later XBOX will be full emulated and ready to play for us.
    No war please, let's get focus and give some positivity to XQemu.