Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jet Set Radio Future

Do you see this?  This is a video of XQEMU running JSRF (courtesy of JayFoxRox).  Looks pretty darn nice, doesn't it?  I'll say.

I know you all want to play it, and so do I.  Now please, pllllllllllllleeeeeeasssssssssseeeeee...... STOP ASKING ME ABOUT IT!!!  lol




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    The question remains how many of the 77% who claim to be Christians are hypocrites or false Christians?


    Posted by Steve Finnell at 1:21 PM
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  2. We are listening shogun. I cannot wait.
    Steve Finnell is drunk. :D

  3. It's not right for someone to be putting up self-promotional material on a comment in a small blog that's just about emulators! So can you please remove his comment?

    Also I'd like an official build or 2 of this new emu every year 😏!

  4. I saw, I saw, I'll go bug Espes and JayFoxRox, I'll ask them if they're interested in donations if it can speed up the development of XQEMU, although I guess throwing money at a problem doesn't really help it solve faster, unless it means it would allow them to spend more time working on it or get more people working on it, but there's also the question of if MS would mind about that and putting money into open source projects.

    Since they said they're working on compatibility before they work on performance I guess there's still a few years to wait until its working at a decent framerate and with sound?

    Do you have any estimates as to when they'll make enough progress for the emulator to run games faster?

    And are you going to be able to help and work on XQEMU?

    1. 1. You can ask them if you want. If they get Azurik working at full speed (something not even Microsoft could do!), I'll gladly give them my money!
      2. *shrug*, maybe. That's a question for them, not me.
      3. ^ Ditto
      4. Would love to, but I don't have the level of spare time like I used to. My primary focus has been getting my career in order (I got a new job and I'll blog about that later). Between working a day career and independent projects, it's kinda hard to fit that in nowadays. Besides, those two have surpassed me years ago. Dunno if you watch Naruto or not, but if Caustik is the sage of 6 paths, then think of Patrick VL and myself as Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju (respectively), then espes and JayFoxRox as Naruto and Sasuke (respectively). I know it's a lame reference, but they are doing just fine without my help. ^_^


    2. Thanks for the reply, I hear you about the career and all, I get the Naruto reference too :)

      Yeah I'll ask them and see if I can "throw some money" that means it would give them more time to work on XQEMU.


    3. I asked espes, but he respectfully declined the offer. Have yet to ask JayFox though. Since money isn't going to be an issue for me, I figured it's the least I could do.


    4. I recently talked to espes about me accepting personal donations [= donations for me, a contributor, JayFoxRox / Jannik Vogel and NOT the xqemu project] but it's an undecided matter.

      It's really important that people don't get a false impression who the authors of xqemu are, that we follow license conditions, that we don't make us attackable legally and there shouldn't be more scrutiny when people read my comments after taking money [which I'd have to avoid somehow].

      Keep in mind that my repo only has 8 Stars on github, espes repo has 127 Stars and my old repo 26 Stars. So even if I did accept donations yet I probably wouldn't get much out of it.

      btw: CodeAsm donated some rare Xbox games to me last month (I'll dump them properly [redump style] soon) - that wasn't too xqemu related though or 'payment' but a sign of appreciation.

      Also: The video was captured by espes (not me). I only fleshed out some features of the GPU emulation you can see in the video.

  5. Awesome to see the progress! I think a lot of people would like to help this project along. Has anyone ever tried setting up a kickstarter to raise money?

    Also is there an official blog? I have been watching espe's blog but not very active.