Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Fake Cxbx Video, lol!

I normally don't pay much attention to nonsensical stuff, especially involving fake emulators, scams, trolls, attention whores, and what have you, nor do I have any interest in giving such trolls more attention than they deserve.  But THIS one is so bizarre, I just had to share this with you all for a laugh or two.

There's some kid, presumably in Russia or some other soviet country, who claims to have Cxbx running Battlefield 3.  Someone on youtube tipped me off about it, so I went in and took a look.  It was so terribly done, that anyone with an ounce of logic, experience or common sense could tell that it was fake.  Aaaaaaand, the user's responses to the comments proving that it was fake also told us everything we need to know.

So, without further adieu, here it is:

Look closely...
  1. Battlefield 3 is an Xbox 360 game.  Last I checked Cxbx does not emulate that, nor does it support the loading of .xex files, conversion of PPC64 -> x86-64, or anything related to the 360. There's one, and only one legit 360 emu, and it's not even close to emulating Battlefield 3.  That alone proves it fake, but there's more.
  2. Note how the video is intentionally blurred so you can't see if the user even loaded anything into the emulator.  Cxbx tells you if you have successfully loaded a .xbe file.
  3. It's a video placed over the window, nothing more, nothing less.  You can still see part of the Cxbx logo because it's not fully covered.  He could have at least tried to cover the entire window.
  4. You don't convert an ISO to .xbe, you extract an ISO and RUN the .xbe...
So, I responded just to see what he'd say.  After pointing out all of these, and the fact that I am an actual Cxbx dev, his responses were, "this is not fake, try it and see for yourself" and another one that was even more laughable was "can you prove that you are a dev?", well obviously I am.  So I linked this blog, as well as the SVN I spent years working on, and his response was "I don't have time".  What??  If you had time to respond to everyone proving that your video is fake, as well as create this fake video, then how come you don't have time to click two links I gave you?  I even told him you can easily google my nickname, and all the proof you need will be there.  And yet, his response was "stop talking nonsense".  So, facts are nonsense?  Right, get real...

But on a serious note, why do people make these fake emulator videos and stuff?  I don't get it.  There have been some who wrote fake emulators as trojan horses or survey scams for money, but why??  Are people this desperate and/or gullible?  I hate to say it, but anyone who falls for a fake emulator scam/trojan, I compare you to someone who falls for the "legendary trap":

I'm sorry, but that's how I honestly see it.  Anyway, for those of you who like getting a good laugh, or want to flag the hell out of it, have at it!  I think I've had my fair share of fun shredding this to pieces already.  Thanks Alex!



  1. It's either something I could laugh out of lulz, or cringe because people, especially those on Facebook, are so gullible.

  2. It also reminds me of a certain kid on YouTube who claims to have "ported" Bioshock to the PS2. As what you did to the BF3-on-Xbox kid, I kept on telling him he's just spewing BS and he doesn't know what he's talking about, but he insisted that he "made it work" by "rewriting" the shaders or something. I'm no expert, but I can tell by and large how he's full of hot air and skooma.

    1. Wtf? Wow, anyone with real world programming experience and knowledge of console hardware can easily point out how wrong that is. And if "rewriting" the shaders was a way to magically get Cxbx to run whatever I wanted it to, then boy oh boy, have I been wasting my time or what? He could have came up with a more interesting story than that...

  3. You mentioned there was only 1 legit Xbox 360 emulator? I was not aware any existed. What's it called?

    1. t's called Xenia. It's only in source form, and requires 64-bit Windows 8 (why 8, I dunno, but that's what I'm using). I haven't tried it yet, but I'll gladly give it a go eventually.


      Btw, haven't seen you in a long time, how's it going General Heed? =)

  4. Thanks! And I'm doing pretty good. I've been learning a lot of programming lately, still not good enough to work on an emulator though lol. And yeah the number of fake emulator videos out there is crazy, there's already people claiming to have Xbox One emulators.

  5. I only trust on Shogun and it's you.

  6. It's so fucking easy to record a video and post on a computer. Maybe they use VLC to change the skin.
    Mods everywere now.

  7. Even if you can do any sort of trickery with the PS2 once you get a grasp of how the Emotion Engine and Graphics Synthesizer works, there's absolutely no way for the levels and other media in Bioshock to be crammed in just 32MB of RAM. Irrational reportedly had to load a single type of Big Daddy at a time on a level (i.e. no two different BDs can be seen in one scene), so if that was a pain in the arse to implement, what more would it be to port it to the PS2, if it ever was possible?