Sunday, April 27, 2014

XQEMU: Sonic Heroes (E3 Demo) *Almost* Goes Ingame!

Quick update everyone.  Just wanted to share with you all a bit of progress that's happening with XQEMU.  So after spending some time chatting with espes and JayFoxRox, I took a little time this weekend to dive into the code a bit.  So, I fooled around a little, and eventually Sonic Heroes started booting up, and went straight to the menus.  There's no screenshot of the menu here because the screen flickers too much, so I couldn't get any screens of that.  Since the emu isn't stable enough, there are sometimes race conditions that cause it to randomly freeze, so it's not guaranteed to get that far on your first run.

The primary reason I'm so impressed with this is that I never could get this to work at all in Cxbx to save my life, and yet this new emulator comes along (which barely runs any content so far) and puts me to shame!  It's a bit humiliating, but I'm glad to be humiliated for the sake of progress!

And now I have to run out the door.  Later guys!


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  1. Good to hear this project is not left to die another silent xbox emu death.... yet ;)

    Cheers, keep it up!