Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Metal Arms and more!

Now, I realize I've been leaving you all in the dark for a while, and I'm sorry about that. But please understand that I absolutely MUST take occasional breaks from Cxbx and the emulation scene. Not only do I have a life outside of Cxbx (which you all can understand, I hope), but I can't overload myself or else I can't make good progress! I usually do better when I take a break for a month or two after exhaustion, then come back full force. The above screens are proof of this. Let's get on with the updates (I only have 7 minutes).

Lately, I've been putting some time and effort into emulating games with XDKs 5233-5558. Since I have the XDKs necesarry and games that I've been neglecting, I thought I'd take the time out to see what I could get working.

Metal Arms (First 4 screens, XDK 5558): This game is friggin awesome! I've been working with this game since yesterday, and it's already looking good. The intro videos play fine, but are a bit stuttery (as usual) and it reaches the menu screen just fine (but lacks textures, etc). "So, can you play it?" TBH, I don't know. The controller doesn't respond at all, so I can't find out if it goes in game or not. Keep in mind, that only the buggy screen represents in game gfx, not the others (they are all bink videos). If anyone has this game, please try it next time I get the SVN updated.

The other two screens are Tetris Worlds Live and XIII. Sorry, I have to cut this short, I only have a few seconds. I'll complete this update later. Stupid library...



  1. Wow, Metal Arms: Glitch in the System!!! I couldn't believe that you could and would be testing it, and making it work a bit on your latest code lines, especially given its late XDK number. Actually a young friend of mine has got that game (PAL territory), so maybe I might borrow that game one day sooner or later, or we could test it on his computer, anyway. Man, the ground textures of that game does look very bland.

    But where's the latest source codes? The last update at the sourceforge page for the cxbx was a very long time ago. Oh wait, you're gonna do it soon. Oops, sorry.

  2. @Egon, he is saying that doesn't have much time to spend on internet so I don't think he will spend it uploading the code.

    Blue, thanks for the progress report, it is amazing!

  3. The PS2 Version Sucks a lot on the sounds and some graphics is missing on PS2 Version Xbox games have more something on the game ;)

    Really NICE JOB!

  4. I'm glad to see somebody out there is still interested in this area. Maybe one day I'll get to play panzer dragoon orta after all :)

    I hope interest returns to emulation, it feels like it's dying.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. I have a question blueshogun96.
    Why Halo from NTSC Version Works well on Xeon?
    It's the ini file can the game work well or Xeon.exe file need to be performance?

    For the people who have xbox 360 and the 2 discs from JSRF works well and you need to update the xbox and change the compatible language they have on xbox1 and change to 50 GHZ.

    AnimalBear :D