Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy

Yeah! That's what I'm talking about, an RPG on Cxbx! But hey, any progress is good progress. Credit goes to LoveMhz for discovering this. I have to get a copy of Gauntlet sometime.

"Where have you been all this time?" Relax guys, some emu authors disappear for years without saying anything, just be happy I only disappear for months at a time :) But seriously, I'm in a lot of mess right now, and it's going to take a while to get it all sorted out. Housing, jobs, credit, the stuff you hate dealing with. Yeah, it sucks.

Enough of that, I'm tired of whining! As you can see, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (XDK 4242) is starting to work to a certain extent. So far, it only goes to the menus (keep in mind that I only have these screens to go by for now). When I get the game, I'll see what else needs to be fixed to get it working in general. I'm hoping that it's just a few missing APIs preventing it from working, and if that's all, it just might work no problem. So far, games that use XDK 4242 have been surprisingly easy to deal with (so far, I've only seen 3 games uses this XDK, including Smashing Drive and Slam Tennis) since it's basically the same as 4361.

"What's with all the texture bugs?" Good question... until I actually get the game, I can't really answer that. My guess is that the textures are being registered in the wrong formats (luminance, maybe?) or maybe it's a driver issue. Who knows. So when I get it, I'll see what I can do.

Unfortunately, my internet time has been reduced to little or none on a given day. I miss having control in life! Meh, could be worse...



  1. Good to see you still there :)

    If you using ati card.. check dxbx for the correct api addressed.. they can be found in the application data folder.

    we did the same for turok in dxbx.

    about the textures... these are pallatized. pallets are not implemented in cxbx.

    Also the format is not native supported by directx.

    for more info you know how to contact us :)

    But its good to seeyou still out there.



  2. Textures issue is related to P6 textures, which CXBX seems to have code for converting but never does. The screen shots above are the textures rendered as L6 (luminance). I attempted to hack together a P6->A8R8G8B8 but then noticed the above mentioned code...

    Really sucks that I can't seem to debug cxbxkernel, but right now I'm considering on rewriting CXBX to have a more dynamic approach for loading XBE's or focus on adding OpenGL support(WineD3D).

    Shogun: Any ideas what create texture 0xF2, if I remember correctly, is all about? I've noticed it in quite a few games. Also Nickelodeon Party games plays the intro video perfectly and makes it to the main menu, but there's also texture issues (look swizzled related.)

  3. Ehh, don't you mean D3DFMT_P8 (instead of P6)?

    Indeed, the conversion never takes place, but it's a problematic piece of code anyway; The Xbox code expects the buffer to use a BPP of 1, while a conversion to A8R8G8B8 needs a buffer with BPP=4, which implies Pitch is 4 times bigger as well. I'm thinking it's probably better to keep 2 separate textures/resources : One with the unmodified Xbox buffer, for use by the Xbe and library code. And second a separate resource for all formats not supported by native Direct3D. The trick is to convert back and forth at the exact right time (render-to-texture is a special case ofcourse). Also, the backbuffer should officially be converted back, so that blurring effects and such also work.

  4. Good work bro, it's nice to see the emu running more an more games, congratulations, and good luck in your life man :)

  5. Last night, I had a spare moment to attempt to write some code to work with palettized textures (D3DFMT_P8). I'm quite sure that I could fix this when I have a chance, but right now, I'm not able to do so. So far, Cxbx, doesn't handle it properly, that or I did something wrong, but I doubt it.

    If you want to see the code, check it out on the forum (I made a public post so everyone with programming knowledge can comment). If this is fixed, then it will likely fix much of the gfx corruption with the 8-bit textures (i.e. fonts, etc).

  6. Great to hear from you, best of luck with everything else. = )