Thursday, May 13, 2010

Going to be busy for a while.

Okay, before I start getting numerous messages about my inactivity, I'll spare you the suspense of wondering what's going on. First of all, I finally have a new job. Blueshogun now works at Microsoft (the enemy, lol). After all this time applying, I finally got it. It's a rather rewarding career (although the project management isn't 100% stable) and I really take pride in what I am doing here. So in short, I won't really have time for Cxbx for quite a while.

"What are you going to be doing at Microsoft?" Quite frankly, that is classified information, so I can't spread that information around, plus I don't want everyone nagging me with silly requests anyway. Yes, it's Xbox 360 related, but that's more than enough information given there. If you're aware of what's going on in the Xbox 360's new line up of new features, chances are you know what I'm doing.

"So, how come you won't have time for Cxbx? Is Microsoft working you overtime?" No, that's not it. My biggest issue is my commute. Since I'm really far away from Microsoft's location and I don't own a vehicle, I have to use public transportation. After traveling over 40 miles and transferring from 3 buses a day for both ways, my daily commute to and from work is 3 hours! So working 8 hours a day, plus 6 hours of commuting time, that's 14 hours a day I'm out of the house! I work only on weekdays, but I need to dedicate those available weekends to take care of important business IRL. "Why don't you move closer to your job?" That's the plan, but I have to find an affordable and suitable place to move into first. The Seattle area in general is not a cheap place to live, and when you think you find a good deal on apartments, you have to really look into it because sometimes it will come back and bite you in the @$$. Having said that, even more of my time is spent looking for a new place to live. Trust me, I didn't choose to live where I am now, and I don't plan on making the same mistake twice. Catch my drift?

So yeah, that's what's going on right now. I have lots of work ahead of me and I don't know when I'll be readily available to work on Cxbx again. Right now, I have to worry about my financial future and get that straight before I can worry about things like this right now. Hopefully, you understand. Thanks for supporting me all these years!



  1. =/

    Good luck in your job with enemies.

    Sorry, more as you are out of time, would provide the source Cxbx, as they did with NullDC?

    This would greatly help the project cxbx not die, and great program could continue them, for example I would like to see how you did some parameters in cxbx (though not so much knowledge as you c + +).

    PS: Envy you, I here without a job in Brazil =/

    Thanks for job in Cxbx this time and good luck.

  2. i's already released and was a long time ago

  3. Congratulations! Best of luck with the new job, as well as finding a new place.
    Thanks as well for all your work on cxbx, and hope you have the time to get back to it soonish.

  4. Clearly this is a secret plot by MS to prevent even partial completion of Cxbx!

    Clearly. :P

  5. We can wait shogun ;)

  6. Does MS know you work on Xbox? It's sad that you aren't going to be able to work on Cxbx because you were the only person keeping the project alive.

  7. Hmmm... working for Microsoft, ehh? This means shogun gets to learn about the xbox360 possibly? I think so.
    Working @ MS = working on xbox 360 = learns a crap ton of new stuff = secretly works on cxbx = implements/figures out new stuff
    ∴ makes Cxbx closer to better emulation.

  8. NNX, that logic doesn't really work much since the 360 and the Xbox really are completely different beasts.

  9. Don´t forget Xbox 360 is not the same as Xbox Please!
    Xbox is a emulator Xbox 360 is a nother emulator the diferrence between the two is the code of and DVD.

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  11. good job for your new Job!

    didn't you said before there is someone that working on the emulator as well?
    I know the progress on the emulator will not be the same for a while without you ...

  12. Simply working on the 360 could lead to greater insight on the original, even if they are different. A little creativity goes a long ways.

  13. Well, the Xbox 360 does have an Xbox Emulator on it. But as far as I know, further development of that emulator has slowed down if not completely ceased as an update hasn't been released for over 2 years. But anyways, congratulations on your job at Microsoft. I wouldn't mind working there myself but since I live all the way on the East Coast, that's probably not going to happen. But yeah, good luck with your job.

  14. Good luck to you my friend,but did you find your substitution.I would be glad to work on cxbx but I dont have experience like you.I am just starting school.Maybe 3-4 years I will be able to help you,since then I will enjoy ps2 and wii games on their emulators.

    Sorry but this is reality...
    Dont worry be :)

  15. hey there, im new :). good luck behind enemy lines :P.

    i hope you don't stop working on Cxbx like microsoft did on their xbox support on the 360.

    if this emulator ever supports Jaws Unleashed i would cry with joy. ive been waiting for microsoft to add support for that game for a while.

    again good luck.