Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Good news and bad news...

Yes, it's that time again. The dreaded "good news and bad news" post... here's what's going on:

Bad: After starting my new job (judging by the hours I'll be working on a frequent basis), I won't have any time to work on Cxbx probably except on Sundays (and maybe not even then) until after Christmas time. So just because you won't see as many frequent updates this month doesn't mean I've stopped working on Cxbx. If I stop, I'll tell you first.

Good: Thanks to an anonymous source, I've got some new XDKs! 5659 and 5788 to be exact. I haven't found many that uses either one, but they'll come in handy later, I'm sure. Also, I'm sure I'll be able to talk Caustik in making a release before Christmas too. You've all been waiting 5 years for a new release, and it's about that time. Just remember, it will be a *BETA*, meaning it's probably going to have random bugs in it. Also, not every game on the compat list is guaranteed to work for everyone due to region differences, okay? For instance, one version of DOAV might give you the dirty disc error, and another version will not so now you know.

Unfortunately, it's about time for me to go back to work. *Sigh*, I just got off of work!



  1. 5659? Fuck year! Rockstar games have this. I hope you'll work on it sometime. Good luck!

  2. Don´t worry after 2009 will bee a good year working great on cxbx have a nice christmans and happy new year pal ;).

  3. cmccmc i have a word for you :D.


  4. hi blues , friend tell me what about opengl and cxbx?? there are many good opengl tutorial...i´ve seen that opengl use much command like api funtion getdc, is hard because opengl is like a draw tool, is not so easy like directx sdk 3dforms, but there are a good link..http://www.nullterminator.net/opengl32.html
    there are a lot of opengl tuto, but is hard to know this, cxbx use a famous X_ and _X_ objetc..and i don´t know fine the terms of xbox to d3d8..only know that use d38types and other headers, and use somthings for convinience

  5. hi again blues i got good IDEAS for cxbx:
    1.option to auto to delete(erase,undo)the information of krnl log(only in case the games playables), becase the debugger info like file got more speed in the games than console, in this way the krnl.txt doesn´t goes to got a long size and the emu and games works faster
    2.-a hack option for virtual control plug, on this way the control if doesn´t works can be reconected.(dolphin team knows all about this)
    3.-games xdk finder and funtions aplied with d3d interfases specifically to the dk game(like panzer orta or others games does), surface, buffer, and all needed.
    4.-opengl plugin or a litle interface(for new renders and more d3d capacity and speed)(dolphin team can help you)
    ....i was very thanks full if you sould take this ideas...greetings blueshogun...i love your work
    open the champagne hehe

  6. Nice Ideas :P. "LOLZ" Really :D.

  7. Nice Ideas :P. "LOLZ" Really :D.