Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cxbx-Reloaded Proof of Concept release

While I'm at it, I wanted to let you know that SoullessSentinel has uploaded a proof of concept release of Cxbx-Reloaded on his website and on github.  As it says, don't expect much at this point, as the next release will be vastly different as he plans to remove much of the HLE stuff.

Link: http://cxbx-reloaded.co.uk/

It's also highly encouraged that you contribute to the compatibility list.  The website gathers information on your game's .xbe, lets you choose the status of the game, and then saves the result, it's that easy.  So have at it.

As proof of concept from my end, I shared a few screens of Innocent Tears *almost* going ingame.  It would be awesome if it did considering that not only is this an Xbox exclusive title, but was almost never released to begin with AFAIK.

So have at it.  I'd try more, but I don't really have access to many games while I'm at work.  Looking forward to what else he's got planned.



  1. I can donate games (~15) in case to SoulSentinel. I also have an old soft modded xbox but power has started failing recently and I am not sure I am fixing it.

  2. Happy for this comming reality :) I test Burnout and it works, but when we go ingame it shuts down :)

  3. Is the xbe file that you're talking about the default.xbe file that one extracts from a game's ISO or disc; or a sort of debug file that you accrue from testing a game's launch in the current CXBX build?

    1. It's the default.xbe. I don't store them, I just read some metadata from them to fill in the compatibility list and then just throw them away. It makes it super easy for people to contribute to the list,

    2. Pretty good. What are your plans regarding this emulator for this year? I know it's not a long time to go...

  4. Just a thought, but going forward into the future, since this is written in C++, would it be possible to port this to a UWP app? That way it can run on the Xbox One and allow for "backwards compatibility" with original xbox games. I don't know what kind of dependencies this emulator needs that UWP might not have but if it's possible, it'd be really cool and I'd be willing to help out with porting in the future.

  5. Very good question General Heed. Sorry I didn't see it before. I've never done a UWP app for Xbox before, so I don't know for sure, but we'd still need to get access to the memory range of 0x10000 + 64mb onwards. I don't know what the Xbox One's memory layout looks like, nor do I even know if it will give you access to that memory range or if it will even support 32-bit code. You'd also have to port the renderer to D3D11 and the audio code to XAudio2. Plus many of the Win32 APIs that were supported on Windows desktop and Xbox are not supported in UWP apps. I found this out the hard way once when I had to port that win32 version of pthreads to WinRT. So it'll be a challenge if it is possible, but at this point I really don't know, as much as I am interested in finding out. But thanks for asking, very good question!


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