Thursday, June 25, 2015

Uploading my Cxbx source branch to github...

Wow, has it really been almost a year since I've updated this blog?  Well, shame on me... O_o

Where have I been?  For the past two years, I've been working on building up my career.  Things are going good now and most of my financial troubles are over (minus a few bogus debts that ended up in my name due to identity theft and a lease I shouldn't have signed).  Although I was laid off one month ago, I'm getting a steady stream of interviews from multiple companies.  In fact, I have an interview with 343 Industries tomorrow morning *cross fingers*.

Recently, me and LoveMHz have been talking about the good old days of working on Cxbx (well, tbh the good old days were 10+ years ago) and shared a few thoughts.  A day or two before that, I finally got around to taking a look at Cxbx-Reloaded's support for x64 which run without the aid of the debug console which is essential for me.  For some people, it worked just fine.  For me, however, I couldn't get a single game to run (not even Smashing Drive or Turok).  I'm running Win8.1 x64 right now, and have been using a 64-bit OS for quite some time, so I haven't touched Cxbx in quite a while because of it.

Due to the nostalgia I had, I dug up my old source branch and uploaded it to github.  I realized that I had added months worth of work that never made it to the SVN (8 months worth of updates to be exact), and it didn't seem fair to just forget about it.  Did a bit of work to get it compilable under Visual Studio 2015, and if you have a 32-bit OS, you can go ahead and have at it.  Sorry, I never did get the 64-bit update working on my branch.


Feel free to check out anything else I've got on github (not much, besides a few experiments and this really bulky open source game engine I started writing).  Unfortunately, you may not see many updates to Cxbx because I don't have a 32-bit OS to work on atm.  I would use VMware, but atm my CPU surprisingly does not support Intel VTx (hardware virtualization).  It's an older Mac Pro with low end Xeon 5130.  When I get a chance, I'll upgrade to an x5650 for 8 cores at 3Ghz, plus VTx.

Take care,



  1. Glad to read that your situation is better, congratulations!

    And thanks for sharing your source with the community on GIthub, I hope some devs can use your work to do amazing things.

  2. Good to see you around and doing well, life catches up and we don't have time for the hobbies, especially CXBX is a massive undertaking, so no worries, any news is good news :)

    Thanks for sharing, hopefully someone with more time and the skills like yours can keep this project alive and progressing.

    Good luck with the interview at 343! working there must be such a blast! let us know if you get the job :D


  3. Hi blueshogun96,
    Great to see you active with a new code drop. I'll take a look through your changes over those last eight months.

    You may be interested in looking at my changes, as forked from your prior SVN code:

    Now that you are active on GitHub, I'll rename my repository so that it doesn't have "shogun" in the name so prominantly, to avoid confusion.

    We now have three GitHub-hosted Cxbx versions: yours, Cxbx-Reloaded and mine.