Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Top Spin

Spent a little time on Cxbx today and realized I never did touch Top Spin (XDK 5558) after all this time.  It appears to be a rather simply coded game with nothing too complex either, but the game uses XACT and I haven't successfully emulated that yet.  Since I'm finding more and more games that actually use it, I'll eventually have to start adding support for it more.

Now, the funny thing about this game is that it has multiple .xbe files and launches a new one every time you go from intro to memu, menu to ingame, ingame to online lobby, etc. making it a bit tedious to work on.  So far, it's not as complicated as Innocent Tears (that game is ridiculous; speaking of which, I should work on it more).

So yeah, I really need to work on that XACT stuff some more and stop avoiding it every time.  Emulating it through DirectSound shouldn't be that hard and it should make sound playback easier to handle.  We'll see about that....

Oh, and merry Christmas (to those who celebrate the world's favourite pagan holiday)!  It's still Christmas where I live, so I didn't post this too late!



  1. Amazing work, keep it up and Merry Christmas even if a bit late too! =)

  2. I'm looking forward to the day I can play any of my favorite XBOX games without the need for the dated hardware. Keep it up!

  3. It's impressive how fast you make progress on your own.

  4. you are good programmer, big respect ;)
    i made game to its call gra online, check and see what do you think about this ;)