Saturday, January 29, 2011

More on Quantum Redshift

Okay, just wanted to make a quick update on Quantum Redshift (XDK 4721). I'm going to update the status of this game to ingame with an asterisk or two for the due to the fact that it does show ingame gfx even though you can't interact with it. It's still really buggy and I don't know what's causing those hideous bugs. There's no push buffer usage, and the primitives are rendered via D3DPT_TRIANGLESTRIP. Maybe I should check the FVF for unsupported flags.

The primary issue is the fact that this texture keeps failing to create/resigter! It's always the same 512x512xDXT1 texture (8 mip levels). I don't think my VRam gets full, but I don't seem to have any problems creating a texture with the same specs outside of Cxbx. Strange.... o_O Meh, this project needs OpenGL so badly, and the Direct3D8 support for modern card drivers aren't too great either. I did get a dirty disc error once, but that was before these errors started poping up. Since the game is loaded in a seperate thread in the background while you are being given a tour of the map, it will keep going forever since the texture failed to create. I wish the stupid thing would work. Those texture specs are no big deal and take up minimal VRam.

"Don't just complain about no OpenGL support, get it working!" Hey, I'm working on it! Xbox Direct3D is rather complex and it will take some time to get it working right, you hear? Speaking of that, I think I finally found a permanent solution to our PixelShader problems. Instead of converting pixel shaders to low level assembly (i.e. GL_ARB_fragment_program), we can use Cg and choose what ever fragment shader profile we want, or let Cg choose for us. This way, we won't have to worry about any shaders being too long to convert properly. It will raise the system requirements a bit, but it's a small price to pay for accuracy! I plan to do the same for vertex shaders too. Fortunately for us, _SF_ released his pixel shader conversion code years ago and gave coders permission to use it (as long as we give him credit of course). Ahh, just can't wait to kick Direct3D8 to the curb!

Just got these details a little while ago. Hopefully I can find out what is causing controller input not to work for some games. It's preventing me from making further progress. :(



  1. where can i download ur cxbx?
    good work love what you are doing

  2. Wait until I update the SVN, then you have to compile it yourself.

  3. update SVN?
    what does SVN mean?

  4. I want to see Jet Set Radio Future working. ;)

  5. stapp:

  6. Jet Set Radio Future will be playable or still crash on the menu?
    Nice Job!


  7. Your work is awesome.

    Hoping your progress will allow Xbox games to run on non-x86 architecture in the (still far away) future. I'd love to play Panzer Dragoon Orta on a Playstation3.

  8. Some of you guys... Seriously, why do you even want to play certain emulators on one of the latest consoles? Check the NGEMU Xbox forums for details on why this won't likely happen.

    Just play them on the PC! Why do you even always beg like that?

  9. OK, the main author of the other Xbox emulator reported recently over at the NGEMU forum that he's bordering on putting his DXBX project into probably an all-out low-level emulator, down from his little further away statement that it was gonna be a hybrid form of both high-level and low-level emulators. It used to be high-level, which are still available in the older current versions over at the Sourceforge page.

    Yes, low-level emulators can potentially be utilised to work on a wider variety of other computer systems with different hardware architecture such as the CPU, and GPU (Graphics). But the PS3's got that IBM Cell processor (PPC as in Power PC), which nobody's got any open documentations on. Plus both Xbox emulators are coded in DirectX. So both these factors makes this reality unlikely. Please don't spend your time wishing valiantly for it to happen.

  10. Very nice job Dude. You made some real progress since I last checked, you even started working on Gauntlet Dark Legacy? Epic man.

  11. great work dude, if you want a hand with a net account let me know..

    looking forward to your next svn update, I've been following cxbx since day 1, it would be nice to get my hands dirty again..

    awesome, keep it up..

  12. Nice job!
    Still can you please update us about JSRF?
    that's the main game i want to play right now.

    Awesome, Keep up the good work!