Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More on Innocent Tears & [Native] XInput support.

Okay, I made a quick examination of the game's contents to see how tough it will be to get this game working. So far, I hate to say it, but it's going to be rather tedious :( This game contains multiple .xbe files besides the default.xbe itself that are loaded at different times while the game is running. One for intros, gameplay, movie play back, etc. It can be done, but it's going to be really annoying! Fortunately, I learned how to handle this situation with Unreal Championship. We'll have to launch the specified .xbe file each time in order to progress through the game. Cxbx saves the launch data as CxbxLaunchData.bin and loads it when necessary so the game can function properly. Then there are some new DirectSound APIs I have to add (one looks really daunting) and maybe we'll get somewhere. Either way, the compat list is now 40! Thanks to everyone who helped make Cxbx what it is today, including the fans and other enthusiasts that refused to let it die!

"Wait, you added XInput support?" Yup, XInput for the 360 controller is supported now, but for some reason, it works on some games, but doesn't work on others :( I don't know why this is, but I'll continue to look into it. Using DirectInput for the 360 controller isn't really desirable since we miss out on rumble and the d-pad, so I added it. Btw, is this desirable for you guys? If so, then as a result, Cxbx won't support Win2k anymore because XInput only works on XP and later. Just so you know.

Just thought I'd throw this quick update out there for you (while I actually have the chance).



  1. Great job as usual. You're making great progress. Happy Holidays!

  2. Thanks, same for you :)

    Btw, I haven't forgotten about Alter Echo! It's that darn 8-bit texture bug that's stopping it from working (so far).

  3. Thanks!

    And as for Alter Echo, it's a very..uh, interesting game. It can do alot of things in the background. Fortunately, it's no where as bad as "Advent Rising". Lol

    Warpath is a good game too. It's one of the few shooter games I can play multiplayer with without other players; it uses bots. Megaman Anniversary Collection game is pretty cool too.

    But I'm not in a rush. I bought a used xbox (with the Samsung DVD drive). I sure hope things work out well for you.

    Project related, I hope you get more help with the programming and testing. Thanks again and please take care!

  4. Nice Job Shogun!

    Emulators are important work, helps keep these older games alive. I'd be happy to help out either with coding or testing. If you want, email me at 'daniel.r.roberts@gmail.com'. Hopefully can be of some help.

  5. I see no revisions have been made to the repository for 202 days. If you have made progress since then do you mind updating the repository? Then I can test and edit the latest edition.

  6. Great Job hope i die in peace when xbox is finish one day i think ^^

  7. I don´t if it helps but some guy called CaH4e3 have now a great experience about decoding games.
    Forum link Russian: http://forum.emu-russia.net/viewforum.php?f=25
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    The Russian forum you will se the performace has been made with demul.
    Hope can help you on thr english fórum.
    I don´t now :D