Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Panzer video

I forgot to put this on youtube but, but oh well. What's so great about it? This video actually shows solid 3D ingame gfx of Panzer. The fullscreen quad still covers up the 3D scene from time to time, but at least you can see what's going on for a while. What's the difference between this build and other build featured in the old video? This video was taken in Release mode [from visual studio] rather than Debug. It turns out that Release builds are more stable and less buggy when running Panzer Dragoon ORTA and Robotech: Battlecry. Both games had similar problems. Speed is still an issue, and me and Defiance have tracked it down to the PushBuffer emulation (IDirect3DPushBuffer8, Xbox only). The problem is that it uses a combination of Indexed Geometry and Quad Lists (D3DPT_QUADLIST, Xbox only) and that appears not to have been perfected in push buffers.

Robotech: Battlecry, however, did not use push buffers but did use the same types of primitives using indexed geometry. Defiance fixed that (for the most part). Okay, getting slightly off-topic, but the two games are related though. I'll try to make a video of that soon. Fraps can't record it properly, so I'm using another tool to do so.

So while it's not really news, it's a slight improvement that I want you all to be aware of.


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